The church of Theth

An unusual and beautiful church built in 1892 and still at the same spot with the same foundations until this very day. During the construction period, attached to the east wall was also the presbytery, where the priest used to live. The inhabitants of Thethi, from its inheritance, have been Roman Catholics. So, one of the first buildings here was the church. One of the most legendary priests, not only for Theth and the Catholic Church but the whole of […]

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“Ma i bukri vend n’kyt dhe asht Shkodra ku une kam le”

🖊 @senada_nikshiqi 🎙 @syrjani 🎥 @terencpepa     View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Terenc Pepa (@terencpepa)

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Lock-in Tower of Theth

Rising over the center of the spectacular alpine village of Theth, this tower holds the history of an entire region, told in detail by one of the tower owners’ descendants. The Lock-in Tower of Theth, also known as the Tower of Nikoll Koçeku, is one of the most valued historic and architectural monuments of Albania’s highlands. A unique structure that contains hundreds of years of history, in the village of Dukagjin, this tower is known for having imprisoned all of […]

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Saint Anthony Church of Laç

Where Faith Survived Against All Odds Albania’s history with religion is complex, rendering the country a haven of religious tolerance as much as a place of general religious confusion and instability. Many religions co-exist in the country, something that is especially noticeable after the fall of communism. Religion was banned during the latter and many holy places either became nonfunctional or were destroyed. While many of these places were restored, along with the general faith of the Albanian people, their […]

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Prime Minister Edi Rama has published the amazing views from the new segment that connects Qafe-Thore with Theth National Park, he says has been a long-standing request of the residents.   https://fb.watch/8_2ixAcRLv/

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Theth, Albania

Theth is a small village within Shkodër County, Albania. To get from Shkoder to Theth, there are two options. Take a mini-bus or jeep ride to Theth, or take a ferry to the town of Valbona and walk about eight hours through the pass from Valbona to Theth.  

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Church of Shirq

Shirgj Church

Shirgj Church is a ruined church located on the Buna River in the village of Shirgj (Shirq), Shkodër, Albania. It is a former Benedictine church which was built on top of a 6th century Byzantine basilica dating from emperor Justinian I. The current church was built by Serbian Queen Helen of Anjou in 1290 AD.

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Church of Theth

Theth Church

This late-19th-century stone-and-shingle church looks incredible in silhouette against the mountains that surround it, topped as it is with a rustic wooden cross. The church was used as the village hospital during the communist era, meaning that most locals over 25 were born in the quaint structure. It is open only when the priest is in town – normally on Sundays.

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PHOTO – Prime Minister Edi Rama wishes “good morning” from Tamara with the images of the photographer from Shkodra…

Prime Minister Edi Rama has chosen the Region of Shkodra to wish “good morning”. He posted some some photos from  ​​Tamara in Malësi e Madhe. “GOOD MORNING, I wish you a good week”, Rama writes in his post. Those who do not live in Shkodra, appreciate not only the attention that Rama shows for the North, but also the quality of the photos. Everyone thinks they are the from of the prime minister’s staff. They have gone as far as […]

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