The church of Theth

An unusual and beautiful church built in 1892 and still at the same spot with the same foundations until this very day. During the construction period, attached to the east wall was also the presbytery, where the priest used to live. The inhabitants of Thethi, from its inheritance, have been Roman Catholics. So, one of the first buildings here was the church. One of the most legendary priests, not only for Theth and the Catholic Church but the whole of Albanian culture, was Father Shtjefen Gjeçovi.


He opened the school in the year 1917 and taught the children reading and writing in Albanian. The other priests of this church also followed this tradition. The year 1921 was an official date recognized by the government of the time as the school’s opening, with father Marjan Prela in charge. The Education Minister of the time was Ahmet Zogu, through an internal order, set aside the sum of 100 golden francs for the education of the children of Theth. In this church, for a short period, has also served Father Daniel Gjeçaj. Due to the installation of the atheist communist regime, he was forced to flee from Albania and serve the country from Italy. During the communist time, he kept contacts with all the Albanian immigrants abroad. One of his co-workers was also the great writer Martin Camaj, who would consult Father Daniel before he would publish any of his works. Thanks to the sons of Thethi, who live in the USA, the church today has been reconstructed and is in full service of the village, as during the Communist regime, it was damaged and made a health and pregnancy center.



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