PHOTO – Prime Minister Edi Rama wishes “good morning” from Tamara with the images of the photographer from Shkodra…

Prime Minister Edi Rama has chosen the Region of Shkodra to wish “good morning”. He posted some some photos from  ​​Tamara in Malësi e Madhe. “GOOD MORNING, I wish you a good week”, Rama writes in his post.

Those who do not live in Shkodra, appreciate not only the attention that Rama shows for the North, but also the quality of the photos. Everyone thinks they are the from of the prime minister’s staff. They have gone as far as Tamara to highlight the natural beauties and to attract tourists to climb M.Madhe.

In fact, these photos, as well as others earlier from the Shkodra Region, were not shot by the staff of the Prime Minister, certainly not even by Rama himself. Because if he had been in Tamara this weekend, he would have come out “live” on Facebook for sure.

The photos were taken by Terenc Pepa, not only a photographer but also a promoter of the tourist values ​​of the North region, especially the District of Shkodra. The photos were published in the profile of Terenc Pepa on May 22, while with them Rama wishes good morning on May 24.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with the Prime Minister promoting the North with images provided by Shkodra photographers. Also, the photos were taken and used with permission from the author. Beyond that, it would be an obligation to quote the author, the one who shot these photos and through which, the Prime Minister shows how “much he is interested” in the Shkodra Region.

However, it is important to promote tourism, especially at the beginning of the season. But it is equally important to appreciate the daily work that certain individuals, such as Terenc Pepa, do without any benefit other than spiritual satisfaction.

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