The Medieval City that Became an Island, Sarda (Shurdhah) Island

One of the most fascinating historical and naturally spectacular destinations, located in the north of the country, is Sarda, or present-day, Shurdhah Island.     Along Drin River, the longest one in the country, and approximately 15 km from Vau i Dejës, you will come across the mysterious city-island of Sarda, present-day Shurdhah. The construction of the Vau i Dejës hydropower plant here created an artificial lake that, in turn, encircled the hill on which the ruins of the medieval […]

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Shkodra Lake

Lake Shkodra is the largest lake in the Balkan Peninsula, traversing the border between Albania and Montenegro. The lake’s ecosystem and the associated wetlands,floodplains and karstic formations support a rich and unique flora and fauna, making it a hotspot for biodiversity in Europe. The abundant archaeological, historical and cultural sites testify to the rich cultural he-ritage of the Lake Shkodra region datingfrom prehistoric times. Currently there are about 600,000 inhabitants in the Lake Shkodra basin, 170,000 of which live in […]

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