The church of Theth

An unusual and beautiful church built in 1892 and still at the same spot with the same foundations until this very day. During the construction period, attached to the east wall was also the presbytery, where the priest used to live. The inhabitants of Thethi, from its inheritance, have been Roman Catholics. So, one of the first buildings here was the church. One of the most legendary priests, not only for Theth and the Catholic Church but the whole of […]

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The Medieval City that Became an Island, Sarda (Shurdhah) Island

One of the most fascinating historical and naturally spectacular destinations, located in the north of the country, is Sarda, or present-day, Shurdhah Island.     Along Drin River, the longest one in the country, and approximately 15 km from Vau i Dejës, you will come across the mysterious city-island of Sarda, present-day Shurdhah. The construction of the Vau i Dejës hydropower plant here created an artificial lake that, in turn, encircled the hill on which the ruins of the medieval […]

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